The stage is Monaco. The scene is Q3.

Nico Rosberg secures pole position in the circuit where it matters most. With a mistake on his ultimate flying lap. Critically, on everybody else’s flying lap too! The irony lies in the fact that his mistake at Mirabeau brought out yellow flags which meant Lewis Hamilton had to abort his ultimate attempt at P1. Leaving the previous lap time set by Nico to be considered fastest of the day.

Nico at Monaco. Image Copyright © Mercedes AMG

Nico at Monaco. Image Copyright © Mercedes AMG

The irony could go one further tomorrow on race day.

Hamilton is the only driver in the last decade to have won at Monaco from outside of pole position. With his controversial incident, did Nico unwittingly set it up for Lewis and statistics to take over? We can speculate for the next 24 hours only.

St. Devote has never brimmed with such excitement and tension before. Remember theres room for only single file discipline there…


P1 Rosberg – Mercedes AMG 1m 15.989s
P2 Hamilton – Mercedes AMG 1m 16.048s
P3 Ricciardo – RBR Renault 1m 16.384s