Lewis the pace maker


What the Chinese Grand Prix confirmed was that Formula Oneâ„¢ is now well and truly dominated by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The two most popular faces of the current generation. Surprising everyone by signing up for Mercedes from the struggling McLaren and Red Bull Racing teams respectively, both have displayed a keen sense of foresight and fierce ambition for being in the right team at the right time.

A fantastic rivalry is in the making.


Another victory for car #44. Image Copyright © Mercedes AMG

Although it was Nico Rosberg in the other Mercedes who defended P2 successfully from the Ferrari threat, his complaints later about team mate Hamilton suggests he’s not on song with the W06 yet.

Rosberg felt Hamilton unnecessarily drove slowly in the first stint backing him into the clutches of P3 placed Sebastian Vettel who tried in vain to undercut him during the pitstops. Lewis later rejected the claim stating his job wasn’t to “drive for Nico’s race”!

A war of words and mind games within the Mercedes squad reminded us of the squabbling and eventual run-in last year. But this year the German in the Ferrari and it’s amazing recovery to winning form is providing an exciting parallel story.

Elsewhere down the field a new star emerged in the form of 17yr old Max Verstappen. His ability to smoothly overtake rival cars making the manoeuvres stick almost effortlessly has won him applauds up and down the paddock. With Martin Brundle of Sky Sports even touting him to be the next Senna or Schumacher! Unfortunately for Max his Renault powered Toro Rosso didn’t see the chequered flag.