That’s under two tenths.

Lewis Hamilton takes P1 in Spain. Image Copyright © Mercedes AMG

Lewis Hamilton took P1 again, in Spain. Image Copyright © Mercedes AMG

The knock out blow to team mate Nico Rosberg was like the blink of an eye.

Earlier, Lewis looked a bit out of rhythm. It seemed Nico had set up perfectly and was going to repeat the P1 performance of 2013. But that was Q1 and Q2.

In Q3, after Sebastian Vettel reported “…no drive” in his RBR10 and brought out the Red Flag and after Jenson Button stormed to P8 in a hard tyre shod McLaren, Hamilton delivered his lap of precision.

He is peaking. It seems that his career graph is hitting the highest possible peaks. Surely it must be impossible to get any better. The man himself confesses “I haven’t experienced this level of performance before.”

So another lights-to-flag demonstration tomorrow? Possible. But Lewis’ poor finishing record in Barcelona suggests it might not be as easy as that.

P1 Hamilton – Mercedes AMG 1m 25.232s
P2 Rosberg – Mercedes AMG 1m 25.400s
P3 Ricciardo – RBR Renault 1m 26.285s


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