Brawn GP, it is then

So it’s BrawnGP then that are the only team to have beaten Christian Horner’s men convincingly. Way back in 2009. And speculating, by whats going on at Jerez currently, it looks like that very team are going to put an end to the Energy drink’s fizz once again.

But it’s not just the time sheets that I’m referring to, nor the super consistent long runs that are impressive. The other similarly Mercedes-powered teams are displaying some speed and consistency too.

It’s the stance of that car. The W05.

In its dull matte silver finish with dark trailing edges it looks absolutely sinister. The seamless hints of dark carbon-fibre appear mysterious and threatening. The fine air-brushed Malaysian oil-giant’s colours are pure serpent material! Even ‘Blackberry’ sounds like the forbidden fruit. Evil.

As much as it is menacing, it’s easily one of the best looking specimens to hit a Grand Prix track in recent times. Newey must be envious.

W05. Is that Deutsch-code for ‘you won’t have 5 Sebastian?’ Hmm.

Sepang 2012

MSC’s MGPW01 lies on the flatbed while Nico flies past. Image Copyright © 2010 Ajit Devadason




Nine-times FIA WRC Champion.

9 time FIA WRC Champion. Image Copyright © 2012 Anonymous


As the 2014 WRC teams shakedown their machinery around the twists of Monte Carlo,
I took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

A man with a simple nick name, Le Patron or The Boss [‘ice man’ should’ve gone to him!]. A legend who deserved a lot more dedicated space on the dailies around the world. A precise executioner of times, stages and super-specials. And a worthy champion more than anybody, was missing.

Missing from the starting list of the new season. After dominating the World Rally Championship for 9 consecutive seasons from 2004 to 2012.

In 2013, he entered just 4 rounds. In a kind of ‘farewell-victory-lap’ to his loyal fans and French team, Citroen. He won two, finished second in one and in the final round crashed out and retired.

That final round was at home. Rallye de France-Alsace. He crashed out spectacularly in the first stage of Day 3. His Citroen DS3 WRC turned turtle. He crawled out of the wrecked car and into the timeless pages of Rally folklore.

This ultimate driving legend who was competitive straightaway in a Red Bull Formula 1 test, has been on the podium in Le Mans 24 Heures, raced a McLaren MP4 12C in the FIA GT series, demolished the record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb and for 2014 embarks on a serious challenge in the WTCC with Citroen – has bid farewell to World Rallying. Without a pre-rehearsed ‘thank you’ speech.


Salut Sebastian Loeb.


Praying for Michael

The fittest champ ever!

Schumi pedals around the BIC. Image Copyright © 2012 Ajit Devadason


I’ve always prayed for him.

Throughout his career. Be it at Benetton, Ferrari or Mercedes. That he doesn’t crash.
That he doesn’t crash into. That he doesn’t cause a crash. And now just like Silverstone 1999, that he recovers successfully from a crash.

Here’s to the healthiest 45-year-old on the planet. Coma or not.


It’s January over here

It’s cold! It’s dreary. Arthritic joints stretch.
We’re still hanging onto our New Year moments. And blankets.
The images of Formula One are forming slowly. Too slowly.

New engines. New drivers. Sort of. Yawn.

Quick glance at the Autosport F1 arena on Twitter. Doesn’t send any shivers.

Is the Kimi & Fernando story bigger than it really is?
Two words you don’t want to hear or use early. Atleast till Monaco!

Red Bull.